About Sealab

Sealab Sp. z o. o. with headquarters in Gdansk exists since 1990. We deal with the assembly, design and servicing of automation systems in civil engineering and shipbuilding. We work closely with companies such as Autronica, E2S and Kidde, producing the highest quality fire alarm and monitoring systems.

We design, build and implement our systems using such technologies as:

  • Deluge Fire Suppression System - sea water extinguishing equipment
  • E2S - alarm installations for Ex-zones
  • Autostrafe - an interactive system of gas and fire detection
  • Omicron Gas Alarm System - a dispersed gas detection system
  • Omicron Gas Sampling System - a centralized gas detection system
  • Dry Chemical Powder - extinguishing devices using powder
  • 3M Novec 1230 - extinguishing devices using 3M Novec 1230 gas

Fire Protection Systems

A fire carries enormous risks for both people and high-value property. The risk of its explosion is particularly high where fuels and other flammable substances are used or transported. These are both land facilities and vessels - tankers or navy ships. Fire protection systems, gas detection systems and various warning devices are essential in places where a random spark could cause a tragedy. Our company specializes in such an assortment. We offer very effective, modern technologies developed by recognized companies, thanks to which the safety of facilities and vessels increases significantly. The proposed detection systems, sensors and other products work well in the most difficult conditions, in which it is necessary to calculate the risk and its maximum reduction. That is why we only distribute proven fire protection systems, tested and approved by hundreds of companies around the world, so you can be sure of their effective operation.

We have introduced the latest Autronica Autroguard series sensors to our offer. These are multifunctional sensors that replace smoke detectors, multisensors and thermal sensors. So all these functions are possible with one Autroguard sensor, see attached brochure.

To facilitate designing, Autronika has created a website – a virtual world presenting solutions in several different applications. By navigating with the mouse, you can select sensors for specific objects and by clicking on the sensor icon, you can get the sensor's catalog cards.

The specificity of the operation of fire protection

The purchase of fire protection systems should always be preceded by a thorough risk analysis, which consists in determining what dangers may result from the specificity of the entity's operation and how to counteract them. This risk must not only be well recognized, but also monitored on an ongoing basis to minimize potential dangerous situations. Fire-fighting installations in enterprises are an important element of this and constitute one of the main parts of fire-fighting automation located in buildings. They are responsible for launching the remaining elements of the installation, and the efficiency of their operation will depend, among others, on whether the fire can be quickly put out. Speed ​​is key here as it allows you to limit the potential material losses in your plants.

What to consider when choosing fire protection systems?

Due to the important function they play, the choice of fire protection systems is a real challenge. So what to consider when buying them?

  • It is best to choose comprehensive solutions that guarantee full protection, from signaling devices and sensors to extinguishing systems.
  • Use solutions of well-known brands in the industry that guarantee reliability.
  • Use devices with certificates and approvals confirming the high quality of products.
  • Select fire protection systems strictly adapted to the specificity of the company's operations, because only then can the risk resulting from dangerous events be minimized.
  • Pay attention to the intuitive operation of fire protection systems so that each employee knows how they work and how to react to the messages they send.

If you are interested in our proposed fire protection systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and advise you on the best solutions.


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